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We're Waggle, your presentation and infographic designers

Weave storytelling into your ideas, information and data with expertly designed PowerPoint presentations and infographics that make your audience properly sit up. It’s easy to engage and make an impact when you’re clear, creative and clued-up.

You can do that with PowerPoint?!

Grab and hold your audience's attention with impactful PowerPoint presentations that slice through the blah with dynamic storytelling – to win big and make you stand out.

Wide-eyed infographics

Makeover your stats, data and reports with infographics that pull out the highlights and bring it all to life – and call your audience to action.

Perfected PowerPoint templates

Impress your audience with creative and on-brand slides that outclass vanilla, off-the-shelf templates. Delivered with expert knowledge and scrupulous attention to detail to work the way you expect.


Waggle love

“Waggle is a true partner, they are proactive and provide solutions and truly seek to understand what we want to communicate visually. They are our secret weapon in ensuring we are presentation-ready whatever the brief.”

Jenni Mercer

Growth Director, Evoke London

“You cannot underestimate the power of a professional-looking new business presentation. I have worked with Waggle for many years, predominantly on our new business. They are able to truly capture our visual identity, and translate what we are communicating in a visually informative way so that our prospective clients believe in our capabilities from the off.”

Siobhan Reilly

Senior Director Evoke KYNE

“Working with Waggle is like working with a true extension of your team – they ask smart questions, challenge your brief and ensure all are aligned on a creative goal. This ensures design outputs hit the mark and are delivered within the agreed timeframes – even for those jobs which need delivering yesterday!”

Donna Curran

Associate Director, Hanover

“Working with Waggle has always been a dream! Even on the most demanding and time-pressured briefs, they exceed expectations. The level of design in PowerPoint can rival some of the most experienced art directors in the industry, so quality is extremely high.”

Rebecca Faber 

Director and Head of Strategy & Purpose, Havas SO


Presentation creation

Waggle your secret weapon of PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote or interactive presentations to confidently engage with your audience and take them to new places.

Pitches with punch

Designed to deliver powerful narratives, Waggle pitches give you a hefty dollop of confidence as you face investors, stakeholders and rapt audiences.

Presentation templates

Consistency is the queen bee, so be prepared with a suite of templates and toolkits that empower you to pitch, present and impress at the drop of a hat. 

Waggle take everything you know about presentations, then add memorable storytelling, specialist know-how and technical excellence to hit your audience between the eyes.



Use visual storytelling to distil your highlights into a super-digestible static infographic that moves your audience and calls them to action.


Break down the complex with clarity, grab audiences with content animated to storytell its way into people’s emotions. 


Ever wish your infographic had a bit more fun and interactivity to it? Let us sprinkle some HTML5 in to gamify your information, data and reports.

Your report is the biz, so create buzz and boost its reach with some Waggle wizardry – an infographic can make your world a better place.

Tom Beecroft

Founder. Buzzing with creativity and ideas

Natalie Beecroft

Queen Bee. Keeps the hive humming smoothly

We are Waggle

We’re a small but mighty presentation design agency. A nudge outside London, in our more-bijou-less-bougie studio in Berkhamsted, we create next-level infographics, PowerPoint presentations and templates to help your ideas take flight.


Since 2010, our small hive of dedicated full-timers and an elite swarm of agile freelancers have buzzed with knowledge. We all see the world of presentations differently. And working together, we captivate your audience and land your message by flipping the boring, nixing the yawning and waking your audience up with a bang. 


We make the best of your business stand out, draw attention to your expertise and make sure your message lands, safe and sound. So you can make money to spend on nice things. Like Waggle.

If you need some visual direction, let’s waggle

We are buzzing to now be a Certified B Corporation.
We are part of a global community, that meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact and is committed to using business as a force for good. Not just for shareholders but for stakeholders including workers, customers, communities and the environment.

Proud to be a member of...

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